In Artificial Intelligence we trust !
Tunisian IT startup providing fine innovative solutions destined to the Financial Industry.
We do invest in Artificial Intelligence with the use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques.
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Making The World a Better Place.

We do not predict the future, we contribute creating it !

Artificial Intelligence has huge potential to boost economic growth unsurprisingly. ‘Self-learning’ nature of AI technologies means they get better and more cost-effective as time goes on. AI is in everyday use across a range of industries.

Financial Technology at its finest !

A complete portfolio for end-to-end E-trading and Asset Management operations

Our financial solutions has been operating on the market since 2009. Processing thousands of transactions every day, our Financial System earned the trust of Stock Market leaders in Tunisia !

Stock Exchange Management

OMS (Order Management System)

Portfolio Manager

MMTP | Data Market

E-TRADE (Web Trading)

Mobile Trading


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